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5 Tips to Add to Your "Stop Doing List" for Fat Loss Success

You may believe that searching for the next workout program or the next diet will bring you the answer to your weight problems.  

I'm going to suggest that you try something different.

Rather than filling your life with more options and more stress, let's have a look at what you can "stop doing". 

1.  Stop Searching for the "Right" Diet.

 Try one method of eating and stick to it for at least 2 months. Take some before and after measurements and pictures...and if possible have your blood work and blood pressure taken.  Give your 100% effort to the program.  Take notes, see how you feel.  Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better?  Are you stronger during your training sessions.  Stop searching the "fitness" magazines, the supposed "celebrity" diets, etc..  Stick to one plan.

2.  Stop Sitting on Your Butt, and Get Moving.

This means setting strict times for using the computer, watching TV, and anything else that keeps your butt stationary.  I challenge you to time yourself for the activities in which you are seated.  You might be shocked to see how much time you spend sitting down.

3.  Stop Eating Crappy Food.

It's hard enough for you to burn off the healthy food that you already eat, not to mention if you consume junk food.  I know that when you and I were kids, we could "play it off". I can remember eating Ding Dongs, yes Ding Dongs, as a kid, and I would have no problem burning them off, because I played outside all day.  My guess is that you aren't playing too much these day, so save the junk for one very special meal per week.

4.  Stop the Self Sabotage.

You have been given an incredible gift, and your time is finite.  Get the crap out of your head that you can't do it.  I've personally seen so many people from all types of backgrounds, problems, family history, and so on who've gotten control of the their minds and succeeded in losing a lot of fat.  Family, friends, and mankind need you to perform at your best.  High energy and optimal health are right here waiting for you.

5.  Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing

Your body responds to activity plain and simple.  Move and get some results.  Move faster, lift some weight, in a sensible manner and see even better results.  Don't over think this. Get moving right now.  Stand up from your desk and do 15 squats, or 20 push ups on the wall.  When you get home tonight grab your significant other and your dog and go for a walk.  Toss a Frisbee, whatever it is, get moving.  Do not repeat your pattern of driving home passing though the fast food drive through and plopping on the couch at home, only to watch America's Got Talent.  Do some physical activity today.  Break the habit.

With the stresses of working a lot, emails, family, and more, I encourage you to use this list or create your own.  Cut out 5 activities that are pulling you away from your goals...then add 1 good activity or habit that brings you closer to your goal.

Let me know in the comment section what things you have stopped doing.  I'm curious to hear your suggestions.

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