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TRX and Cardio

Equipment needed:  TRX, KB

Warm up: (60 sec)


Side lunge

Close grip push up

Mountain climber

Side plank (60 sec ea side)

Work: TRX (exercises in parenthesis are more advanced)

Biceps curl (1 arm hip drop with biceps curl)

Power pull (with KB)

Squat (plyo squat)

Static lunge (plyo/split jumps)

Hip ups (1 leg quad extension)

Hamstring curl (ham curl with scissor open/close)

Plank (plank to push up)

Straight leg crunch (up and twist)

Push up hold (Oblique crunch)

Standard push up (push up with alternating leg pull ins)


Jump rope L7 (work at a level 7, 10 being all out effort)

KB swings L9

Lunge L3

(Repeat the above sequence 3x with as little rest as possible)

Cool down and stretch as necessary

Tips:  Use your foam roller to roll your back and legs after this workout.