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My hope is to create and share a little more with an added bonus for making it to class.  I understand that missing a class will happen now and then, but I really want to reward those who get past the excuses and come thick or thin, make it to class.

I want to make these messages short and will hopefully deliver them to your email in box before noon if you come in the AM class, or noon by the following day if you come in the evening class.

It's my goal to dig a little deeper and share some of my ideas about health, fitness, and life in general.  Tips that I hope will increase your happiness and health.  

Today's simple tip

Rather than adding sugar or aritficial sweetners to your shakes, simply use a very ripe, frozen banana. Note, peel the banana before freezing.


P.S.  This goodie just came, so I'll be busy reading :)