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The top picture was from our recent trip to San Francisco.  We spent a few days doing the typical tourist stuff, and had a great time.

In taking some time off work I realized how hectic my schedule had become.  I was waking up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning 6 days a week.  I had a good number of clients but I was sacrificing my sleep.  This lack of sleep filtered down throughout the rest of my life.

So why do I mention this to you?

I'm always preaching the basics.  Train hard, eat clean, and get enough sleep and recovery...but I wasn't taking my own advice.

Well after that trip to San Francisco I dropped those early morning clients...and I feel fantastic.

So if you are in the same situation and not getting enough sleep, I
encourage you to make the necessary changes.

 kids @ lax
We just dropped off my kids as they are off to Brazil for the summer.  Two months with family in Sao Paulo and Rio.

Talk to you soon,


New Services for Clients



In trying to bring you the best results, I am adding a new service.  I can now track all of the items below.

You will have to let me know if you'd like me to measure and track these.  If so, which ones interest you, and, how often...such as once a week, once a month, etc., you'd like to take these meaurements.

This is totally optional...but if it will help you in any way, I want to provide this support to you.

Let me know,

P.S.  You won't be able to click on the "blue links" as these are password protected on my site.

BMI and Disease Risk An accurate assessment is a crucial first step in forming and maintaining weight management goals. This tracker will help you assess your weight in relation to your height to see if you may be overweight. It also provides a look into your risk of disease.
Body Fat Percent Your body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly. But how much is too much? Use this tracker to measure how much of your body weight is fat mass and how much is lean body mass.
Waist-to-Hip Ratio An increased waist-to-hip ratio has been linked to greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions. Use this tracker to help you calculate and track your waist-to-hip ratio and how it changes as you work toward your healthy living goals.
Weight Tracking your progress is one of the best ways to stay motivated while you work toward your weight management goals. This tracker will motivate you to stay on course.
Blood Pressure Did you know that over half of all adults over age 60 in the U.S. have high blood pressure? Don't let this happen to you-regularly monitor your blood pressure.
Cholesterol High levels of cholesterol in your blood can cause a build-up of plaque. Plaque can clog your arteries and cause heart disease. Use this tracker to keep track of your cholesterol levels and your next test date.
Exercise Are you achieving the results you want from your exercise program? Use this tracker to chart your daily exercise routine and see the progress you are making.
Exercise Heart Rate Training Zone This tool will chart your exercise heart rate training zone. It's a guide to assure that you are working at the proper intensity during physical activity.
Resting Heart Rate Plot your resting heart rate to see how it changes as you become more physically fit.
Rockport Walking Test This walking test is a good way to monitor your cardiovascular fitness over time.
40-Yard Test See how quickly you can sprint a 40-yard distance. Watch your performance increase over time as you become healthier and more physically fit.
Pro Shuttle Measure your speed, agility, and quickness with the Pro Shuttle. As your level of fitness increases, your time should decrease. Track your progress to see how you are improving.
Power Test Physical activity is important. It keeps your body healthy and reduces your risk of many diseases. You can track your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and power here.
Vertical Jump How high can you jump on each leg? Do you create more power with your right leg or your left? You can track your progress as you become more fit through exercise and healthy eating.
5 Repetition Max Bench Press You need a certain amount of upper body strength to do your daily activities. This strength test will give you an estimate of your upper body maximal strength capacity.
5 Repetition Max Squat Muscular strength is an important part of fitness. You need a minimal level of strength to perform daily activities. This is designed to give you an estimate of your lower body maximal strength capacity.
Balance Test Are you maintaining or increasing your balance skill? Use this tracker to see your improvement over time.
Endurance Test Improve your health by building your cardiovascular fitness. You'll feel and look better and add more fun and enjoyment to your life! Track your progress here.
Pull-Up Pull-ups test your strength, which is an important part of fitness. As your muscle strength increases, you will likely be able to do more pull-ups. Track your progress here.
Push-Up Push-ups test speed, strength, and endurance. As you become stronger and more physically fit, the number of push-ups you can do will likely increase. Track your progress here.
Healthy Living Goals This tracker can help you keep on target to meet your healthy living goals of diet, exercise, and/or stress management.
Stress Use this tracker to monitor your stress level over time. You can also learn ways to lessen your stress level if it is too high. 




What Can My Eye Doctor Teach You About Fitness?

My eyes have been bugging me lately, maybe it's an age thing.

One of my clients, who is a doctor, suggested that I go see her eye doc.   

As the doctor and I made small talk we began to talk about exercise.  Come to find out he has a master's degree in kinesiology from UCLA.

He wanted to know what type of "routine" I did, and we discovered that we both do very similar workouts.

He agreed with what I've been telling clients for soooo long.

We both believe that brisk, intense; weight training is the way to go. 

The idea is to challenge the body, build lean muscle, and keep it revving to burn fat all day long.

He asked me about my vitamin and supplement regimen.  I told him that I take a few supplements, but I also had to admit that I don't like green vegetables, and I don't eat enough salad.

He wasn't very happy about this, and he stressed the importance of getting plenty of green vegetables for eye health.

I try to stress the importance of a strong "foundation" and part of this foundation is a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. 

So don't just take it from me, but also take it from a medical professional, eat healthy and supplement with whole food supplements to guarantee optimal health.

Make great choices today for a leaner body,




Did You Watch the Biggest Loser Last Night?

Many of my clients ask me if I watch the biggest loser.  I may try to TiVo it, but more often than not I skip it.  That Jillian drives me nuts.

Last night was the 2 hour finale and I decided to watch it to see why it's so popular.

One thing that stood out from the show which I liked was the concentration on the fact that losing weight takes hard work.

So much of fitness marketing is filled with "miracle promises" of easy weight loss, and secrets.

The winners on the show worked very hard.  We saw them sweating, crying...and even measuring their food.  

To get incredible results like they did, I agree that it takes focused effort.

The great thing about this is that the body responds positively...and you'll lose the fat.  On the other hand, if you try to "get by" and not stick to a plan, your body will punish you with fat.

My friend Mike has a great program for women that tells it like it is.  No shortcuts, but instead sensible and do-able advice that really trims up the belly section.

Have a look at to see what I mean. 

Make great choices today for a leaner body,



Are You Managing Your Time Wisely?

When you want to lose weight there is a lot involved.  What we see in the media are celebrities doing wacky diets and losing tons of weight.

For those of us who have real jobs, I would say that "life management" and time management play a big role in real weight loss.

I've seen clients try to use shortcuts to lose fat...but for lasting changes, you need to look deeper.

Take some time and view this video on my site.  Getting you life organized is critical to your success in fat loss and better health.

Have great weekend, and talk to you on Monday,