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Coop Running for President

Could it be true? Me...running for president?

Have a look.

Have  great day!


175 Days Left

Can you believe it, we are already halfway through the year.  We only have 175 days left this year.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older, but this year is flying by.

So what are your plans for the second half of the year?

My good friend Dax has laid out some thoughtful advice as to just how much is possible.  Here's his short article.

To a lean summer,

"Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time which every day produces, and which most men throw away. " - Charles Caleb Colton

How true that quote is huh?

Most of us go through life 'putting off until tomorrow' again and again and again thinking that they have all the time in the world to get what they want from life, yet in doing so they're literally throwing away great chunks of their life.

Chunks that they'll never get back.

It's been said that a great life is merely a series of great years,
that a great year is but a series of great month, that a great month is but a series of great weeks and that, ultimately a great week is nothing more than 7 great days strung together.

Achieving a great life sounds simple when you think of it that way
doesn't it?

Yet it's so easy to fall into the habit of living this principle in reverse, stringing together bad days into bad weeks, into bad months into bad years and then looking back with regret on a lifetime that feels like it's been wasted.

Don't make this mistake.

It's not too late to really make a difference and achieve something amazing with the 175 day that are left of 2008.

175 days could see you a lot fitter than you are now, a lot healthier, a lot wealthier.

It could see you become an author, starting your own business,travelling to far flung places or any other number of wonderful things.


But you've got to start.

Don't waste another day.

Your life depends upon it!

Truth, joy and love

Dax Moy

P.S - If you really want to suck as much life out of the next 100 days as possible then grab yourself a copy of the magic hundred over at

There simply isn't a faster way to go from goal SETTING to goal GETTING! 


4th of July

nw kitty

So I came home the other morning only to find this little guy stuck and crying on our roof.

We already have 2 adult cats and a dog, but my wife fell in love the little guy so one more pet!

Just a few quick things before you go off to celebrate the 4th of July.

Yesterday I sent you an email about my friend Craig's ab program.

When I send out a notice of someone else's program I am showing you something that I have personally used and I know it works.  When I get off my butt and actually develop a fitness product I hope that you'll give it a good look too.  In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Craig's ab program.

If you need quality fitness equipment, then I have a huge coupon for you.  How about $50 off, when you buy $150 worth of fitness stuff.  The coupon is from Power Systems which is a company that I buy from and trust.  You'll need this code
08970, and the website is here.

Lastly, I realize that the economy has been hitting some of you quite hard and I want to help.  I don't want the economy to get in the way of you being lean and healthy.

Beginning Monday the 8th I will be posting free fat burning workouts on my site,

We'll begin with training on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan.  On the "off" days, I be posting tips on nutrition, stretching, and whatever else it takes to help you lose the fat and feel awesome.

These will be similar workouts that I use with my clients.  They will be workouts specifically designed to burn fat, tone, and get lean.  You should be able to complete the workouts in 30 minutes or less.  You'll need minimal equipment, and best of all they can be done from home.

My hope is that you won't have any excuse not to get in shape.  I also hope that when you do the workouts, you'll share your experiences with others on my site.

Tell your friends what you are doing, and encourage them to "compete" online with you.

If you have any suggestions to make the experience better I am all ears.

Have a great fourth, and see you Monday!


P.S.  Do me a favor and when you visit my site, and take a few seconds to click on the ads on my site.  It will only take a couple of mouse clicks and you'll be supporting my efforts. Thanks.


How to Burn Belly Fat for Summer

Ready to burn belly fat and get a six pack for summer?

Good, because Men's Health expert, Craig Ballantyne, has the solution to your fat loss problems, and today he's doing something he has NEVER Done Before...

For the FIRST TIME EVER...He's Cutting the Price on his New Turbulence Training for Abs Program in a Special 48-Hour Limited Time Promotion...

...So That You Can Burn Belly Fat and Work Your Abs in the Comfort of Your Own Home with these All NEW & Exclusive Turbulence Training Workouts...

As you can see by HIS PHOTO on his new site, he knows how to get abs without doing crunches or long, slow boring cardio. And he'll show you all NEW workouts to help you do the same.

Check out Craig's abs and get his new program HERE.

I know you are working hard on getting your six-pack for summer, but at the same time you don't want to do long workouts or go to a stinky commercial gym during the holidays, so Craig worked overtime on the weekend and all day on Canada Day (his country's National holiday) to bring you this home abdominal workout program.

You'll get a 12-week Advanced Ab program, based on the Turbulence Training principles, but with a couple of unique and effective twists to work your abdominals harder than ever.

Here's the Deal...

1) This is a special "Pre-Launch" Limited Time Offer...Once the Deadline hits, this offer will be REMOVED and the price will INCREASE to $39.95 when it is finally made available again.

For the next 48 hours only, this product is available for only $27.

2) You will get immediate access to the 12-Week Turbulence Training for Abs Program today for only $27...But the bonuses are NOT in 3 weeks time, you'll also receive access to ALL of the soon-to-be-released Bonus Reports.


Because he knows you can't wait any longer to get working on your abs...summer is here and passing us by - and so are your chances to impress everyone with a new body on the beach, at concerts, or in
backyard BBQ's.

That's why he's made this 12-week belly fat burning, ab sculpting workout program (plus 4 weeks each of Beginner and Intermediate ab workouts) available to you before he goes up to the lake with his puppy for 7 days.

(His dog is really cute too, and you'll see him in the photo of Craig's abs on the website. Craig even told me that his vet said, "Your dog has six pack abs!" at his puppy's yearly check-up!)

Check out the site for more info on the program and upcoming bonuses:Click HERE

But this "Pre-Launch" offer is only available until July 4th, at noon, EST.

So declare INDEPENDENCE DAY from your belly fat, and get started with the Turbulence Training for Abs program today.

This is the only time you'll EVER see this program offered at such a low price. When we make this product available to the world, it will sell for $39.95 - and it won't be made available again for weeks - can your abs wait that long?

So save money and time by grabbing your copy today for only $27. But hurry, this offer expires and VANISHES - Poof, just like your belly fat will - at noon on July 4th.

Get started with the all NEW Turbulence Training for Abs Home Abdominal Workouts here.

Helping you look great this summer,

Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper

P.S. The price goes up after July 4th. In fact, you won't be able to get this product at all for weeks AFTER July 4th.

So save money, save time, and save your abdominals from being buried in body fat for another summer by getting the Turbulence Training for Abs Special Offer today!

Visit this site to get this limited time offer.


Summer Tasting Next Friday at Elements Kitchen in Pasadena


Just a quick note here on this Friday.

I just received a special invitation from my client and chef Onil Chibas.

He's the owner of Elements Kitchen and Catering in Pasadena.

He's having a special summer tasting which you should take a look at.  I've eaten at his restaurant numerous times and the food is the presentation is beautiful. 

Here's the link to this event.  I promise you that you'll love it!


P.S.  Notice that the event is next Friday, so you can't hesitate to make your reservation.

P.S.S.  Today is Onil's birthday, so Happy Birthday buddy! 

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