Live Training in Pasadena, CA

Hill Work

As you probably know by now, I do not like running.  My choice for "extra" cardio work, is hills sprints.

Since I live so close to the mountains (no excuses) I've got the perfect place.  It's free, challenging, clears the mind, and gets me off the computer.

My suggestion for you is to start slow.  Consider taking about 20 minutes for your total workout.  This includes some simple walking/jogging to warm up, and some walking time to cool down.  Try it once a week to get things going.

For those of you who are more advanced and want a more challenging workout, here ya go:

Warm up as nec

4 sets of triple broad jumps (90-120 sec rest)

6x 10 yard hill sprints (1 min rest)

4x 20 yard hill sprints (90-120 sec rest)

2x 40 yard sprints (180 sec rest)

Cool down and recover as necessary

Make sure to bring plenty of water, or some coconut water.

Email and let me know if you tried this workout.

Update: Free running group to prepare for the Dec. 7th Christmas Run will begin Sept. 23.  The group will meet MWF after boot camp, 6:45pm. More details here,