Live Training in Pasadena, CA

Happy Friday

The way I planned boot camp and the workouts are that you would train Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Three times a week is definitely enough to stay fit, and to lose weight if your eating and your sleep/recovery are on target. With the twice a week option, I'd suggest one more strength based workout on your own.

For both groups I like to encourage one weekend workout.  For this workout I like one of a longer duration, possibly closer to 1.5 hours or more.  This is a workout of your it a big hike, or a long bike ride.  I also encourage you to grab your family and have them do it with you.

I told you that I wanted to pass along discounts if I could, so here is the first one.  You can receive 10% off your own custom nutrition bar from  I typically get 5% off, but here is a special code for 10% off, "C66KR53".

You can create your own bar, or you can choose from one of the "popular bars".  I tend to create my own paleo version, but I do like the "Alpha Bar" (if you scroll down almost to the bottom of the popular bars page.)  

That's if for today, enjoy your weekend.