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I recently received and email which I will post here.  I believe that my response may be a valuable reminder to stick to the basics.  

Subject: weight loss
Message: Hello! I'm X, and I was wondering if u could help me out in my want to lose weight. My issues are that I can't keep myself motivated, I work 2 jobs (1 week job and 1 weekend job) and my main job I work second shift, and I'm confused on why I haven't lost anything yet because I eat less now than I use to but it hasn't been affecting anything.... :( I don't know where to start trying to find a work out for me that is easy to start with and then I can build it up from there. I need help and I don't know where to go or where to start. :(

And my response...


What are you currently doing for exercise?
What do you typically eat each day?  List for me your meals, breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner?
Losing weight is simple, but not easy.  Meaning learning the discipline of healthy eating, paying attention to your sleep, and getting sufficient exercise is not easy.  It takes a lot of determination and repetition to create and keep these good habits.  If you can learn these, you'll be set for your entire life.  If you look for shortcuts or the next diet/exercise/pill, etc., you will be forever chasing something that will never deliver long lasting results.